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Inc. – Brain Expert Jim Kwik Teaches a Whole New Way to Take Notes and It’s Genius




By Minda Zetlin, Co-Author, The Geek Gap

In a new Inc. webinar, Limitless author and memory expert Jim Kwik taught the audience a new way to take notes so as to get the most value out of them. You should start using it immediately — I know I’m going to. It all begins with drawing a line down the center of the page.

I spend a lot of time taking notes and almost as much time thinking about how I could do it better. I switched from typing notes to writing them by hand when I learned research showed handwritten notes improve comprehension and retention. Once I started using a bullet journal a year or two ago, I began keeping important handwritten notes there (rather than in the notepads provided at every conference). That way I can always find them when I need them.

That was as far as my note-taking evolution had gotten — until I attended Kwik’s webinar and it changed my whole thinking about how to do it. Here’s what I learned.

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CMSWire – Your Old Blog Content Is a Goldmine





March 12, 2020

B2B brands have realized the enormous benefits of keeping a regular blogging schedule. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute found that 80% of B2B marketers are using blogging as part of their content marketing strategy, and over half agree it’s their most critical tactic. That means many brands have amassed a considerable amount of content over the years that may or may not still be valuable to their customers.

With this in mind, we’ve asked B2B blogging experts whether brands should focus on old blog posts and if they had any tips for refreshing stale content.

Should You Forget About Old Blog Posts?

“Blog content is the backbone of any brand’s digital footprint,” said Pam McBride, director of product marketing at StackAdapt. By adding new content, brands continue to build up SEO, brand awareness and their overall authority within an industry. That’s why many brands focus on consistently publishing new blog posts, but they often fail to understand the best strategy for maintaining or removing their older content. “Unless posts are grossly outdated or inaccurate,” continued McBride, “pulling down old blog content does more harm than good.”

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MarketingProfs – AI in B2B: Let’s Not Forget the Intelligence of Humans




By Andy Keith
February 26, 2020

Everywhere you look, artificial intelligence is being touted as a solution for just about all digital aspects of businesses. It seems like AI is even the answer to some questions we aren’t asking (AKA, solving problems we don’t have).

Marketing is not immune to this push for AI. Quite the opposite, actually. Trade publications are inundated with references to, and hype for, artificial intelligence. And there’s no denying all the data derived from digital marketing opens the doors to useful applications. The term “data-driven” has been circulating around the industry for the past decade.

Of course, marketing has always been data driven to some extent, but our abilities to uncover insights have been enhanced exponentially by the digital transformation. Artificial intelligence is the progression, the next step, of this data science proliferation for marketers, but there seem to be some important caveats lurking beneath the hype.

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MarketingProfs – The Top Content Marketing-Related Search Queries and Hashtags




By Ayaz Nanji

January 21, 2020

Which terms related to content marketing are searched most on Google? Which hashtags are used most alongside #contentmarketing on Twitter?

To find out, SEMrush analyzed hundreds of thousands of Google search queries conducted between January and September 2019, as well as hundreds of thousands of popular tweets (those with 20+ retweets) posted to Twitter during the same time period.

Search Queries 

The researchers found the top search terms related to content marketing are content marketing strategy, Content Marketing Institute, content marketing agency, and content marketing examples (the numbers in the following chart indicate average monthly search volume).

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Entrepreneur – Why Content Marketing Is the Ideal and Affordable Branding Strategy for Every Start-Up




By Aparajita Choudhury

December 5, 2019

Traditionally paid advertisements such as TV commercials, placing hoardings or radio advertisements have been considered as effective means for customer acquisitions. However, the same might not work for cash-strapped start-ups.

How to remain cash positive is one of the many struggles that haunt start-ups from a very early stage. They spend ample amount of time in segregating the budget for paying salaries, office-leasing fees and ongoing operational costs. Amid all the backbreaking work to keep your venture growing, it’s equally imperative to create awareness about your brand among the target audience.

Marketing is often considered as an expensive affair for early stage startups. Especially for those who calculate and estimate the return on investment before spending a single penny. Are you still scratching your head on how to market your start-up? I would save some time of yours by suggesting you take a plunge towards content marketing. If you choose the right words to describe your brand that can easily resonate to your customers’ problems and requirements, selling your goods and services will reduce the hardship and save money on sales effort involved in the process.

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