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GetElastic – Saving Abandoned Carts: The Experts Weigh In

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November 19, 2012

Last week’s infographic Friday post on how to execute the perfect cart abandonment email generated a lively discussion with intelligent questions.

Because blog comments typically don’t see much light of day once the article is more than a day old (and most of our loyal readers subscribing by RSS or email), I wanted to dedicate a post to the topics of optimal cart recovery email timing and cannibalization of natural conversions (that would have happened without the recovery email).

Viktor from Grass Roots Store asked:

Wonder if less than 20 minutes would increase conversion further? Or is that too soon? Is 20 minutes the low end of sending out this email?

I had recalled that SeeWhy‘s research into cart recovery found immediate remarketing achieved highest conversion rate, so I reached out by email to Charles Nicholls to provide his insight on timing:

See the full article: