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GetElastic – How to Save Abandoned Carts Without an Email Address

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November 21, 2012

It’s recommended that you capture an email address in the first step of checkout so if your customer abandons at any point during your conversion funnel, you can trigger a recovery email and save the sale.

Some sites, like Amazon, make the email input the entire first step of checkout.

Capturing email as early as possible is a generally accepted best practice (and one of the few sacred cows in conversion optimization). But there are situations when you just don’t have an email address to work with (think of shopping cart review page abandonment or when email field is not the first step).

To follow up from last post Saving Abandoned Carts: The Experts Weigh In, Charles Nicholls from SeeWhy has shared a couple tips on how to recover abandoned shopping carts when you’re going email address commando.


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