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Network Management – ManageEngine Updates Applications Manager

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By Raju Shanbhag

January 30, 2013

Managing the performance of business applications is a critical aspect of its success in the market. Companies should be able to monitor and manage the performance of an application before end users suffer from any issues in that application. To do this, companies need to have advanced application diagnostic tools.

Helping its users monitor application performance better, ManageEngine (NewsAlert) has updated Applications Manager. This update now allows Applications Manager to support NoSQL technologies, the company has stated.

Although Applications Manager now supports NoSQL technologies, it continues to support various conventional relational databases. Applications Manager is equipped with a centralized console, which allows it to enable complete Cassandra performance monitoring. It also provides valuable details about memory utilization, and provides useful information about open connections along with various other features that help companies monitor the performance of their business applications.

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