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Liliputing – Splashtop adds configurable gamepad, shortcuts to remote desktop app for Android, iOS… for a fee

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January 31, 2013

Splashtop offers apps for iOS and Android that let you remote control a Mac or Windows computer from your phone or tablet. Want to surf the web using the full version of Firefox? Splashtop lets you login to your PC and do that from your iPad. Want to play PC games on your Android phone? You can do that too.

While Splashtop is hardly the only company to offer this sort of remote desktop solution, it does offer one of the more popular options. And today the company is rolling out a new feature that can make controlling a PC from a mobile device much easier.

splashtop gamepad

There’s a new Configurable Shortcuts & Gamepad add-on that lets you add your own on-screen shortcuts for special key strokes so you don’t have to bring up an on-screen keyboard and punch in complicated instructions for common functions.

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