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Plexent – 8 Really Great ITSM Blogs You Should Start Reading Right Now


March 4, 2013

By Julie Montgomery

As consultants, we do a lot of reading.  Here are some bad boys that are great voices in the IT service management (ITSM) world that will keep your growing, learning and thinking bigger.  To keep you on your toes, they are listed in REVERSE alphabetical order.

Stephen Mann’s Blog:  Forrester

This Forrester analyst in the UK is a regular, plain-speaking, social blogger.  You’ll be glad to get to know him.

Posts you might like to read:


Chris Dancy has been a strong voice in the ITSM community for years.  He’s maintained ServiceSphere as his voice “for the people,” regardless of his employer for some time.  Always colorful and never boring.

Posts you might like to read:


Posts you might like to read:

The IT Skeptic 

What industry would be complete without the naysayer, the plainspeaker, the one who is irreverent to the “fixtures” of the industry.  Rob Englund does this for us on his blog, the IT Skeptic.

Posts you might like to read:

ITIL and Me

Michael Slabodnick offers a very honest approach to IT services.  Recently he’s been quiet with the arrival of a new baby to the family at the end of 2013, but check him out.

Posts you might like to read:


All the way from the UK, this James Finister’s blog uses the Queen’s English to provide a ring of class to your IT service management journey.

Posts you might like to read:

CA Community:  Rob Stroud

Rob never fails to bring the big picture.  Although a fair amount of CA tool promotion is mixed in, he clearly and light-heartedly discusses various frameworks and best practices.

Posts you might like to read:

Barclay Rae

The creator of “ITSM Goodness” works to make IT service management both practical and simple. Aside from our blog, of course, I think his is the best laid out of the bunch.

Posts you might like to read:

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