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Aidalicious – Abandoned Cart Culprits: WHO, WHY, and HOW to get ‘em back


March 11, 2013

by Dena Goldberg

Abandoned Cart Culprits…they make up 72% of online shoppers who’ve added items to their carts, according to this awesome infographic by SeeWhy.

It’s no surprise that re-engagement efforts are so important; Forrester reports that a typical abandoner spends 19% more a year than the shopper who stays by her cart’s side.

And here’s another staggering statistic for you: A whopping 88% of online shoppers in the U.S. are abandoning their carts yearly. That’s 136 million people! These cart culprits, as I like to call them, are savvier than ever. They’ve got easy access to competitors (I mean, who doesn’t shop online between two or three browser tabs, am I right?), and their ability to compare prices is changing buyer behavior.

Another shocking (okay, this one not so much) bit from this infographic: Male online shoppers are reported as likely to compare prices while those of the female variety are taking longer to actually click CHECKOUT. We women are also being reported as “more sensitive to shipping and handling costs”. Someone calling us sensitive. Surprise surprise.

So what’s the solution? As you’ll see in the infographic, it’s clear that online retailers are finding re-engagement campaigns via email to be the most effective, with 58.8% of abandoners returning to their carts’ lonesome and a 67.7% conversion rate (read: $$$), both after having received some sort of email call to action.

So how do you catch those cart culprits? What abandoned cart solution do YOU have in place as an online retailer?

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