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Wireless Week – The Internet of Everything Depends Heavily on the Networks


By Rob Marson

July 22, 2013

You know that joke where someone on the other end of the line asks “Is your refrigerator running?” When you answer “Yes,” of course, you’re then directed to go catch it. Interestingly, that core question of whether or not my fridge is functioning (or trotting down the street) is taking on a whole new meaning. Now, bear with me.

Perusing the refrigerator aisle at any appliance store, a consumer will probably notice the usual slew of large white and chrome- and wood-plated boxes to keep my food cold. Sure, most of these refrigerators carried out this basic task equally well, despite some design variances across the board. But look closer. Much like a home security and thermostat, the higher-end pieces are controllable via smartphone.  What’s a smartphone doing controlling a fridge?

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