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Digital Trends – Chipolte, the Product of a System: Twitter, Lying Liars, and the Nature of Ambition


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By Molly McHugh

July 29, 2013

About a week ago, something weird was going on with Chipotle’s Twitter account. A series of inane tweets filled the burrito-maker’s stream, as if a mildly confused hacker had stumbled into the brand’s account without knowing what Twitter even was and just started posting away.

Chipotle played it off like an intruder had gotten into the account and it was all a silly little mix up we got to enjoy.

But it all seemed very familiar: Back in February, MTV “hacked itself” as a publicity stunt after watching Burger King’s Twitter account get hacked and the 30,000 follower gain that came with it. But we were too smart for that, and discovered MTV’s scheme.

Et tu, Chipotle? Yes, it turned out Chipotle’s Twitter incident (Twitcident?) was also nothing more than a self-hack, a lame publicity stunt to gain attention based on supposed security issues.

This is but a thread of a larger Twitter tapestry, however; the fake hack only scrapes the surface of the fallaciousness of Twitter…


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