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ZDNet – 11 up-and-coming cloud accounting applications


By Heather Clancy for Small Business Matters

July 29, 2013

Summary: The playing field is becoming rather crowded as cloud startups vie for attention among SMBs against venerable offerings from Intuit, Microsoft and Sage.

I couldn’t help but notice that No. 3 on the wish list of cloud services desired by accidental IT managers is accounting and financial applications.
Like customer relationship management (CRM) records, company’s financial records are the sort of thing that it is convenient to be able to access regardless of location. Wouldn’t it be good to know if an account is falling beyond in payments, especially if you are about to go ask them for more money? And woudn’t it be easier on everyone if you and your managers could approve expense submissions on an ongoing basis, rather than creating a bottleneck in the process?

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