Skip to content – Why Lean Principles Can Yield Remarkable Content Marketing Results

By Tatiana Liubarets

July 30, 2013

What do manufacturing best practices have in common with content marketing? Turns out, more than you might think. While the concept may have been developed in the late 1980’s to describe how auto manufacturer Toyota conducted business, lean principles offer valuable lessons for individuals in any industry. As the Lean Enterprise Institute highlights, lean isn’t a solution to a specific problem, but rather a “way of thinking and acting for an entire organization.” While cutting back on your time spent creating content is likely to lead to a drop in quality, analyzing your marketing processes to eliminate waste and increase efficiency could have exactly the opposite effect. Becoming more efficient at meeting your buyer personas’ needs could mean a higher-velocity of incredible content. And what content marketer doesn’t want that?

What is Lean?

simple lean principles

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