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Why Most Branded Apps Fail


By Srinivas Balasubramanian

August 10, 2013

Srinivas.thumbnailAccording to a study published by Deloitte, 80 per cent of branded apps struggle to get even 1,000 downloads. And yet, according to a different study from Distimo, 92 per cent of top global brands from Interbrand have presence on apple’s app store. This means that just about everyone is trying, but very few are succeeding.

So what are brands trying to achieve by having an app?Apps are expected to enhance sales and improve engagement. But more importantly, branded apps are expected to deliver the brand promise and add value to the customer experience.

As we know from the Deloitte study, very few apps get the multiple millions of downloads every brand wants. But downloads aren’t enough. Most organizations measure number of downloads as a success parameter of an app. However, as per a recent study, users download an average of 65 apps on their phone, but use only a few for daily business. This points to the fact that those apps which become part of their daily life are the most valuable.

So why do organizations fail in creating compelling apps?

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