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Venture Beat – 6 ways to act like a Black Hat attendee all year long

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By Erich Diener

August 12, 2013

Ever since Black Hat USA wrapped up last week, I’ve been thinking about the irony of attendees going into heightened security mode during the conference itself – like never connecting to open Wi-Fi or encrypting all information stored on your laptop – then likely slipping back into a more lax mode throughout the rest of the year.

You see we’re on guard at events like Black Hat and DEF CON, ready to be pwned at any moment by mischievous hackers. So while these conferences do a great job reminding us of the many emerging methods of hacking – and counteractively, securing – computers, electronics and connected devices, they only come once a year.

But, what if we all acted like Black Hat attendees year-round? Or perhaps more crucially, what if your company acted like a Black Hat attendee every single day, always remaining hyper-vigilant about the latest risks and prepared to mitigate criminal hacks?

Fresh from this year’s Black Hat briefings, here are six ways to make every day a Black Hat day…


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