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CNN Money – The quiet successes that drive Silicon Valley


By Jeff Richards, contributor

August 13, 2013

Yes, Silicon Valley has its share of high profile “tech celebrities,” and wealth and attention can be generated in Silicon Valley perhaps faster than anywhere other than New York (wealth) or LA (attention). But every day, great entrepreneurs are building amazing companies you don’t hear about.

Heard of Nir Zuk? He founded Palo Alto Networks, now a $3.5 billion leader in the security/firewall space. Hasn’t posted on Twitter since August of 2011. How about Peter Gassner at Veeva?  Quietly building a very large SaaS business in the pharma industry which is rumored to be planning an IPO in the next year or so. How about Sridhar Vembu?  He founded and runs ZOHO, the cloud-based software company with more than eight million users.

These entrepreneurs reflect the ideals of Quiet Success. They make great things happen, create thousands of jobs and deliver tremendous value for their customers. They also create tremendous wealth for themselves, their employees and their investors.

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