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APMdigest – 10 Bottom-Line Business Benefits of APM

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August 16, 2013

This is quite possibly the most important list we have posted on APMdigest. The bottom-line business benefits are what APM is really all about, or should be all about, although the market can forget this at times. But the reality is that no company should be deploying Application Performance Management unless they are using it to drive bottom-line business benefits such as those on this list. The benefits on this list are the payoff, the end result, the ultimate reason for APM.

What is the Bottom-Line Benefit of APM?

This list of benefits is the common ground between Business and IT. This where the CFO and VP of Sales and Marketing can meet the CIO and CTO, and join forces. This list is the mutual goal.

Many of the APM industry’s top experts — from analysts and consultants to users and the top vendors — offer their perspective on the bottom-line benefits of APM.

These benefits are not listed in order of importance. Some of the categories overlap. Some of the categories could actually be considered subsets of the other categories. Some of the quotes could fit into multiple categories. But this list will give you an idea of the diverse and critical range of benefits offered by APM.

Today’s business is heavily dependent on IT systems to perform at the best. For example, an IT component failing in an eCommerce business could result in a shopping cart order failure that in turn results in loss of revenue for that business. If IT uses APM to proactively detect performance degradation and rectify it before it severely impacts the business, that could save loss of revenue and also credibility for the business with its customers.
Sridhar Iyengar
Vice President, Product Management, ManageEngine

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