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IT Briefcase – IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview with Rajesh Ganesan, ManageEngine

IT Briefcase

August 19, 2013

In the discussion below, Rajesh Ganesan from ManageEngine talks about the rise in data center remote access and how it’s making IT professionals – and IT management vendors – rethink their approach to securely accessing remote resources.

Q: What’s happening in the data center to make remote access a hot topic?

A: The rise of cloud computing – public, private and hybrid – has made the data center more important to more businesses than ever before. That’s a good thing, but it puts more pressure on data center admins to make sure their systems are delivering maximum performance, 24×7. Remote access is becoming the preferred way to manage data center operations because people don’t need to be onsite, in the data center, to maintain peak performance and service levels.

But traditionally, data centers haven’t been so keen on remote access. Rather than allowing direct access to remote devices via SSH and Telnet, most data centers require remote admins to connect to a landing server first and then “hop” to the target system. From a security and segmentation perspective, that makes sense. But from a usability perspective, it makes remote access a pain. Admins have to know the IP address of the landing server, and then provide usernames and passwords at the landing server, each subsequent hop and, finally, the target device. It’s a manual, awkward, time-consuming process.

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