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Fast Company – Building an Epic Brand Around Incredible, True Stories

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By David Zax

August 25, 2013

Argo was only the beginning. For Joshuah Bearman and Joshua Davis, the oft-optioned writers behind startup Epic Magazine, there’s big business to be had in heart-thumping nonfiction. We join their hunt for gold–and high-end sponsorship–in them thar Hollywood Hills.

Joshuah Bearman wrote the Wired magazine story that became this year’s Best Picture winner, Argo.

Bearman and Joshua Davis, his cofounder of the new digital long-form journalism startup Epic Magazine, have, in fact, between them had 18 of their articles optioned for films. So it’s logical that early reports on Epic would focus on the magazine-to-Hollywood pipeline these two authors appear to have mastered. The Times and others, taking note of Epic earlier this month, have largely portrayed their startup as a way for enterprising long-form journalists to shake down a bit of Hollywood lucre.


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