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Real-time content strategy: Act in the moment, plan in advance

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By Carmen Hill

September 28, 2013

clock_224x149Some of the most compelling social media and content marketing stories are those that happen in real time. They seize the opportunity to be part of conversations at the peak of their energy and relevance. In the age of 24/7 news cycles, instant mobile internet access and quick and dirty social sharing via Twitter and Instagram, being first—but also clever—wins.

As Jonathan Mildenhall, Coca Cola’s VP of Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence put it in his recent Content Marketing World keynote: “Real time marketing is the holy grail of all the marketing we do so that we can produce content that reflects what’s going on in the world.”

Of course, Coca Cola, is a big consumer brand, but the same realities—and benefits—come into play for B2B marketers (albeit on a much more targeted scale, typically). Whether B2B or B2C, real-time content marketing falls into three main categories that your content strategy should account for. RELATED CLASS: Real Time or Die: Feeding the Content Beast


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