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Forbes – How CIOs and IT Teams Can Make IT Matter Again


By Raj Sabhlok

September 30, 2013

IT departments are being marginalized by SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and the rest of the cloud-driven “aaS”es. At least that’s what some are suggesting, like Scott Bils at InformationWeek. And I’m inclined to agree, at least in spirit, if not in the specifics.

Highly automated IT services give end users do-it-yourself options — or perhaps more accurately, do-IT-yourself options — that undermine the value IT departments have traditionally delivered. And that means chief information officers and the rest of the IT team must adapt to meet changing demands and expectations — or risk becoming marginalized into irrelevance.

6829409437_8a655ddabe_m6The way I see it, most CIOs today operate in a largely tactical capacity for a relatively naïve user base. That leaves them to oversee fundamental responsibilities such as technology provisioning, break/fix support, software and hardware upgrades and operational support (including email), application support and password management.

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