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SmartBlog on Social Media – The Pitfalls of Pursuing Measurement Perfection

SmartBlog on Social Media

By Jonathan Farb

October 1, 2013

In a world where there seems to be a new channel for communicating with customers every time you turn around, there’s an increasing problem of “perfection paralysis.”

With so many new channels popping up, some brands are unsure how to measure their performance or understand how they stack up against competitors. Perfection paralysis sets in when they spend months trying to create flawless benchmarks and KPIs, putting together complex multivariable analyses and tweaking (and retweaking) their methodologies to account for every possible scenario. When they eventually run an analysis, or try to utilize their “perfect” algorithm, these brands often find that the results either don’t spit out a succinct story or tell no story at all. Their months of work have added up to nothing, and they’re left confused and discouraged, with no clear sense of where to go next.

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