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Contently – Content Is King, Distribution Is Queen, And She Wears The Pants


By Brian Honigman

October 4, 2013


In the past couple of years, marketers have awakened to the incredible power of content creation. But equally important — and much more complex — are the ways that you share that content.

“Content is king, distribution is queen, and she wears the pants,” said Jonathan Perelman, VP of Agency Strategy at BuzzFeed, during his talk at Behance’s 99U Pop-Up School event on September 20th.

As the Internet has evolved, so has the ways that people discover content. Content used to be discovered on forums, then through email, highly-trafficked blogs, and search, leading to the SEO craze, explained Perelman. Now, it’s primarily discovered through social media.

And with readers discovering content on myriad social media platforms, brands need to learn how to tell stories in ways that take advantage of each.

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