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Silicon Angle – 3 Biggest Security Mistakes You’re Making – Without Even Knowing


October 21, 2013

By Erich Diener, Echopass Corp. Posted by John Casaretto

62374You know where your most valuable data is stored. Your data is locked safely in a fortress of layered defenses. You’ve protected those treasures with well-configured edge devices, a lean fully-patched DMZ, a tightly woven net of firewall ACLs and an intentional architecture that separates your servers’ functions. Your logs are continually examined and anomalous behavior is analyzed. Your privileged identities are well defined by role and rigorously managed.

Overall, you’re able to sleep well at night knowing that you have a well-oiled machine protecting your company’s — and your customers’ — most valuable data. Right?

There’s Not an App for That

Alas, enterprise-level security is not so simple. There are some incredible apps and hardware available today to support networks and protect sensitive data. But technology is not the silver bullet to solving security concerns. And simply buying more technology won’t make you any safer.

In this age of ever-increasing industry and government enforced compliance and regulations, the cost of a breach or loss of sensitive information can sound the death knell for all but the largest businesses. Ironically your best security assets are three things you’re probably overlooking.

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