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Forbes – The Secret Of Wendy’s Social Media Success: Massive Stupidity


October 30, 2013

By: Carol Tice

WendysMany big fast-food chains have tried to create successful Facebook or Twitter marketing campaigns — and flubbed it. Burger King chose an unfortunate Twitter hashtag in a recent attempt to publicize its new lower-fat Satisfries, and McDonald’s got rude responses to Twitter campaigns instead of customer love.

But Wendy’s has scored a Facebook and Twitter hit with a campaign that leverages the one factor that reliably gets social media users to laugh with you rather than at you: Unbelievably dumb stuff that’s blow-milk-out-your-nose funny.

For the roll-out of its new Pretzel Pub Chicken sandwich, Wendy’s has created a campaign so hilariously bad that it simply must be talked about. In #PretzelLoveStories, actors in a nonsensical, telenovela-style soap opera recite diners’ tweets about the new menu item. The first video featured a love triangle at the altar, as two men vie for the bride’s hand.

In possibly the funniest line, one suitor declares “Ommm…Guh,” as he fumbles how to say the popular abbreviation OMG.

As one YouTube viewer commented, “I haven’t laughed this hard in forever.” On its Facebook page, episode one garnered more than 1,800 comments and 11,000 likes in its first week of release.

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