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Fast Company – Breaking 5 Bad Content Marketing Habits That Need To Be Stopped

Fast Company

Because marketers have more in common with Walter White than they might realize.

By Lisa Nirell

As a marketing leader, how do you break the bad habit of providing ho-hum content and hosting events that look like your competitors’?Charles Gold

Let’s turn to television for some answers. For the past five seasons in the U.S., actor Bryan Cranston played Walter White, a hapless chemistry teacher turned megalomaniacal crystal methamphetamine maker in the TV series Breaking Bad. The show’s creators essentially invented a brand-new genre they call cowboy drama. The series is also unique because the protagonist turns antagonist.

This series exemplifies compelling, groundbreaking content, which Breaking Bad’s Creator/Executive Producer-Writer-Director, Vince Gilligan, has masterminded. Millions voted with their remote controls.

Much as the series outlined grave consequences for Walter White’s errant behavior, marketing leaders will also experience negative (although less fatal) consequences for creating marginal content.

Thankfully for customers, B2B companies are slowly recognizing and breaking their bad content habits. We can find guidance from organizations such as the Content Marketing Institute, MarketingSherpa, and a variety of marketing automation companies.

It’s important to identify these bad habits before we can eliminate them. These beliefs can ruin a content campaign, and they are especially counterproductive when they inform live events. Here are the most common myths…

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