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HubSpot – 7 Deadly Sins of Ecommerce Marketing Automation


By Sam Mallikarjunan

December 27, 2013


Marketing automation can be an extremely powerful tool, particularly for B2C ecommerce marketers that have to create a highly personalized experience for hundreds of thousands of customers a month. However, used improperly, marketing automation can have the opposite of the intended effect and create a user experience that’s simply evil.

1) Treating B2C as faceless entities and B2B as real people

It’s impractical for most ecommerce retailers to manually go through all of their customer records and engage personally with each of them like they do in the B2B world, and this is where marketing automation gets it’s great value. In the B2B sales world, a real human being can manually review a given contact record and make human decisions about how to create a personalized and contextually relevant buying experience. In the B2C ecommerce world, that’s impossible given the sheer volume of customers we deal with.

Because of this, many ecommerce marketers have decided that if they can’t treat manually each contact as an individual person that they’re going to treat all contacts the exact same. They blast their entire email list three times a week with a coupon and call that email marketing. They show everyone the exact same content on their website. They sometimes even ignore messages and comments coming in through social media because of the sheer volume of them instead of using marketing automation to solve these problems by collecting contacts into similar buyer personas that can receive a more targeted engagement.

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