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ExactTarget – 6 Tips for Using a Social Media Command Center During a Crisis



January 8, 2014

By Trish Forant


Crises happen but you don’t have to be flying blind when they occur.  Here are six tips for using a social media command center during times of crisis.

“Did you know that a command center is at the heart of the disaster prevention and social strategy for the American Red Cross? They respond to 70,000 disasters every year. “

  1. Listen: Use a social media monitoring platform to pull in relevant keywords around your brand across the social web, not just Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Categorize: Be prepared to categorize incoming posts into tiers such as Tier One for items requiring an immediate response, Tier Two for mentions that need a response but aren’t urgent in nature, and Tier Three for items that need no reply, and then route them to team members or departments accordingly.
  3. Respond: As situations unfold, respond quickly on the appropriate channels. If the crisis is taking place on Twitter, your first response should be on Twitter. You can share your message across platforms/channels as the need arises but your first response should be where the crisis erupted.

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