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socialmedia today – 6 Ways Non-Profits Can Use SnapChat


By Mordecai Holtz

January 17, 2014


Looking back at 2013, there’s no doubt that non-profit organizations have matured in their ability to leverage social media to promote their causes.

As we set forth in advancing our communication strategies for 2014, it’s time to look beyond the “holy trinity” of social media, Twitter, Facbook and Youtube. It’s time organizations begin pushing the envelope by embracing some of the newer platforms. Of course, many organizations are just getting in a groove with the main three and new platforms emerge each day, but Snapchat seems to be gaining significant traction with all the right influencers and marketers.

Especially with Facebook’s recent algorithm changes, which have decimated engagement levels, smart organizations are diversifying their online communication channels and creatively reaching new markets.

Staying relevant on social media trends is critical to relaying your message to new audiences.

Many businesses like 16 HandlesTaco Bell, and IHOP, have already embraced Snapchat by integrating instant, disappearing, coupon codes into their social strategy, and successfully reaching the highly influential youth demographic that is increasingly fleeing from Facebook.

Here are a few ways non-profits can use Snapchat as a unique medium to share and engage with the millions of users already on this platform.

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