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SlideShare Blog – How to Build a Campaign Around Your SlideShare


February 7, 2014

By Guest Author

So you’ve uploaded a SlideShare. Now what?

If your answer is “sit back and watch the views pour in,” that’s a gross misuse of your time and effort — especially if you’re a marketer (and 40% of B2B marketers report using SlideShare). What you should be doing is creating campaigns around your presentations. After all that time and energy you put into creating a deck, you must do as much as possible to extend its reach and draw in more prospects.

How do you go about doing that? At Kapost, we recently built a campaign around our Masters of SlideShare presentation, which features the wisdom of 13 SlideShare pros.  The goal was to use the deck as the focal point of a multifaceted campaign, which would build up our presence on SlideShare, capture attention and ultimately transition viewers into quality leads. In fact, this blog post right here is a part of that campaign.


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