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QuickSprout: Your Content Marketing Will Fail without These 10 Features


April 11, 2014

by Neil Patel

Content Marketing ConceptI’m thrilled when I see companies launching a content marketing campaign. But I cringe when I see their content marketing fail. Sometimes, the failure sets in before anyone writes a line of content. But the thing is content marketing doesn’t have to fail.

I’ve written this article because it could save you thousands of wasted hours and buckets of wasted money. Is your content marketing campaign cruising toward failure? Have you left anything out? Or are you on track for success?

I’ve identified the main missing elements of failed content marketing campaigns and sketched out a solution for each one. Leave out one of these features, and you could doom your content marketing campaign to fail.

Content marketing is still the number one way to improve traffic, gain leads, and drive sales. But it’s not as if you can flip the content marketing switch to “on” and expect everything to fall into place somehow.

You’ve got to execute it strategically. Here’s how: