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Contently: 8 Scary Stats For Content Marketers — And What You Can Do About Them


April 23, 2014

By Herbert Lui

chucky1What if you realized 30 percent of your content was never read — not even once?

Imagine all of the resources spent — and wasted — developing that content. There’s no doubt that we’re in the dawn of a new content marketing era. But while we’re creating content as fast as our fingers can type, we need to be mindful of what’s actually working and attracting eyeballs.

With that in mind, here are 8 content marketing stats that might make you rethink your strategy.

1. 30 percent of Microsoft’s content had never been visited. And they wouldn’t have known until a content strategist conducted an audit.

Gerry McGovern discovered that 3 million of a total 10 million pieces of Microsoft’s content were going completely unread — that’s one piece of content for every resident of a small country.

This enabled the Microsoft team to start phasing out the irrelevant content. It also allowed them to determine the tasks most users were looking to complete when they came to Microsoft for help. When developing your content strategy and creating content, it’s crucial to figure our what your audience actually wants. And conduct a content audit of your own — at least an informal one.

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