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QuickSprout – How to Predict Google’s Algorithm Changes


May 3, 2014

By Neil Patel

googleOne of the ways you can become an SEO expert is to learn all about Google’s secret algorithm. Its algorithm dictates everything that happens in Google’s search result. The algorithm is the key that can unlock insane amounts of wealth, but it can also be the penalty that can ruin your online business.

It sounds like a crazy task to try to understand the algorithm, but there are ways. After years of learning, teaching, and watching SEO in action on thousands of different websites, I have developed a process for predicting Google’s algorithm changes.

And no, I don’t have all the answers. I’m not pretending to have some prophetic insight into Google’s next move, and this isn’t some scammy tell-all about the latest algorithmic loophole.

This is a practical how-to guide that equips you with knowledge that will help you make a good guess at how the algorithm is going to change over time.

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