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Social Media Examiner – How to Increase Your Social Media Click-Through Rates

Social Media Examiner

May 5, 2014

By  Karl Staib

Want more traffic to your website?

What if you could double the click-through rates of your social media updates?

Extra traffic from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter would be nice, right?

In this article you’ll discover four steps for crafting a great call to action that improves click-throughs.

Why Driving Traffic Matters

Your website is the hub of your online marketing efforts. It’s where your audience can find the answers to their questions and where you deepen relationships with readers, offer value to visitors, and yes, maybe even encourage email signups and purchases.

In an ideal world, you’d be funneling all of your social fans and followers to your website so you could do just that.

a blog post shared on facebook

When you share your latest blog post on Facebook, you want your fans to click through and read it on your website.

Unfortunately, it’s been a time-honored struggle for businesses to get potential customers to take action.

In most cases, you need to give them a little push. That’s what this article is about.

Read on to find out how to entice your social media fans and followers to click through to your website where you can create a deeper connection with them.

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