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Buffer – Get the Most From One Blog Post: 21 Advanced Content Tips


June 5, 2014

By Kevan Lee

Buffer article May 2014

Variety is the spice of life … and digital marketing?

Variety can certainly make a digital marketer’s life a little easier. When you’ve worked hard to create a perfect piece of content, you can help that content go the extra mile (and then some) by repurposing and recreating the content in a huge number of ways.

Is it easy? Well, I wanted to find out.

I took a favorite piece of content from our Buffer blog, “How Often Should You Be Posting to Social Media?” and I hacked together 21 variations and uses for the original story. Here’s exactly how I did it and exactly how you can do the same.

The rundown: All 21 advanced content tips to get more from your original content

Hitting “publish” isn’t the end of content creation. At least, it doesn’t have to be. There are so many different ways that your content can live on well after it originally lands on the blog. Here are the 21 ways I’ll test and report in this blog post.

  1. Share to social media—again and again
  2. Submit to content communities
  3. Create 20+ snippets for easy sharing
  4. Design an Instagram tip
  5. Spin off the old blog post into a new one
  6. Build a series of guest posts
  7. Refresh and republish
  8. Post to Quora
  9. Post to LinkedIn
  10. Post to Medium
  11. Create an infographic
  12. Create an instructographic
  13. Put together a presentation for Slideshare
  14. Turn it into a webinar
  15. Build a daily email series or email course
  16. Design an ebook
  17. Share content as a pdf
  18. Record a podcast
  19. Make a video
  20. Take a unique PPC route with Outbrain
  21. Contact sources and influencers directly

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