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Convince & Convert — How to Get Your Leadership Team To Blog More Effectively

Convince & Convert

June 6, 2014

By John Bonini

Writer's blockAs a marketing director, I slip in on calls with prospective clients from time to time.

This call was like most calls – a successful yet struggling marketing manager was up against bosses who wouldn’t give a real content strategy a chance. When Matt, one of our consultants, asked her why her strategy wasn’t working, her exhale said it all.

“My bosses won’t give it a chance. They have all this expertise they could be sharing, but they just don’t think blogging works from their experience.”

It’s an all too common tale: Executives that denounce the practice of business blogging because it hasn’t worked for them. And here’s why.

They’re doing it wrong.

But their often conservative nature and propensity for avoiding time wasters means they haven’t taken the time to hone the craft.

As a marketing manager, we need to understand it’s not their job to hone their craft.

It’s our job to create an opportunity in their very busy lives to meaningfully contribute to the marketing strategy you know will work. 

Here’s how you can help them.

Clarify the Process

When it comes to finding content online, people derive value from one simple metric: being helped.

That’s why the best blog posts are clear, easy to consume, and above all else, helpful.

In order to get your executive team in line with this method of blogging, here’s what they have to do.

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