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LinkedIn – The 9 Keys to Business Blogging Success




June 26, 2014

By Erik Qualman


Many organizations and individuals use blogs to express themselves, advance their brands, drive traffic and produce sales. As a result, blogs continue to grow. Tumblr alone has over 120 million blogs. Interestingly enough about 1 in 3 bloggers are moms. Below are some quick wins and lasting concepts for anyone that wants to run a successful blog. It has helped my blog Socialnomics become a Top 10 Business Blog according to PC Magazine.

  1. Commitment> Blogs are free like a puppy, not free like a beer. In order for them to grow strong and healthy, they require time and care. It’s dependent on many factors (amount of posts, authors, skill set of bloggers), but you can anticipate a 30-90 minute commitment per day to run a successful blog.
  2. Consistency> Unless you are someone like Bono and whatever you do or think will be of interest to people, you will need to pick a general content strategy for your blog. Is your blog going to center around politics or police chase scenes? How niche is your blog going to be >> General Politics or Republican Female Senators? Are you going to focus on breaking the news or reporting on the news? The more specific and consistent your content, the better chance your blog has at success. Remember, you are competing with over 200 million other blogs! You need to standout in order to be outstanding.

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