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Marketing Profs – The Sound of Silence: Why Your Content Gets Ignored




July 12, 2014

By Girish Shenov

Marketers know that content is vital for building an audience. But sometimes the most relevant and witty content simply doesn’t get traction. It might be the most insightful blog post, but it doesn’t spark interaction or engagement with the intended audience.

So what went wrong?

For some insight into why content gets ignored, let’s look into a hypothesis called “Warnock’s Dilemma,” proposed by a man named Bryan Warnock.

He offers five scenarios for why your posts might not gain traction.

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1. Nothing more needs to be said

n some cases, you might well have written a well-written post that offers correct and reasonable information. But there isn’t controversy in the content, for example, or there’s nothing more to be said, so readers aren’t compelled to comment.

Consider announcements about new product features. These are typically short and dry posts about bug fixes or enhancements, with mention of the new version number and what it means for the product.

To generate engagement and strike up conversation, such posts should be more customer-centric. Use simple language to plainly state what was changed, why, and the implications: What are the problems that customers face that are corrected by the new version?

Users want information that’s presented in the context of their needs; they don’t want technical data (unless they’re engineers, for example, in which case the context is technical). They might not love the changes, but at least they are more likely to open a dialogue.

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