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Business 2 Community – Your Ultimate Blog Checklist

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July 29, 2014

By Will Blunt

Ever wondered what it takes to write a killer blog?

That’s the question I’ve been obsessing over for the past 6 months leading up to the launch of my website.

After dedicating days on end reading the world’s most successful blogs, I created an ‘Ultimate Checklist’. If you use this checklist before launching a blog it will help you optimize your content for readers, search engines and shareability.


Objective: Get the reader to click on your blog

There are varying opinions on how long you should spend on the headline of your blog. However, if you use the below suggestions you will significantly accelerate the time it takes you to create a compelling headline.Blog-Checklist10The headline for your blog should include at least two of these components;

  • A Surprise Element
  • A Question
  • An element of curiosity
  • A negative or positive statement
  • How to
  • Numbers or lists
  • A personal reference, ‘You’
  • Concrete facts

Your headline should also be optimized for an SEO key word or phrase. (Picking your key word or phrase is another question all together, here’s a great resource on everything to do with that thanks to Moz)

Below are three examples of engaging blog headlines that highlight some of these components.

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