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Buffer – 14 Recent Changes to Twitter, Facebook and More That Social Media Marketers Need to Know




December 16, 2014

By Courtney Seiter

To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, social media moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

That’s why from time to time we like to offer an overview of all the recent changes to some of the major networks in social media. There’s always something new to learn, study or experiment with in social media, and even the biggest social media networks aren’t exempt from this rule.

Here are 14 of some of the most recent changes to Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram that social media marketers can benefit from.


Facebook updates

1. Search for past posts

Facebook’s most recent update (as of only yesterday!) is making it easier to find posts you want to get back to. According to the social media network, a way to search past posts through Facebook Graph Search has been a much requested feature.

“You’ve given us a lot of feedback on the Graph Search beta. You’ve told us the most important thing is being able to find posts you’ve seen before, and now you can. With a quick search, you can get back to a fun video from your graduation, a news article you’ve been meaning to read, or photos from your friend’s wedding last summer.”



This update is rolling out this week in US English on iPhone and desktop. I haven’t been able to see it in action just yet; let me know if you have!

2. Saved posts

Ever come across something great you want to read on Facebook when you don’t quite have the time to devote to it right then? Facebook must have noticed lots of us with this challenge, so they created a great solution: Saved posts!

When you spot an intriguing post or event, you can click the drop-down menu to quickly save it for later like so:



When you’re ready to browse your saved posts, you can find them in the menu on the left side under your profile.



This will take you to all your saved stories, where you can read and archive them at your leisure. Quick privacy note: Only you can see the things you save on Facebook to view later.

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