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Small Business Trends – Why Engagement, Not Pageviews, is the Key to Growing Your Website

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July 9, 2015

By Sujan Patel


If you run a website, you’re probably familiar with the temptation to log in to your analytics account every day to constantly check your page views.

If you’ve ever traded stocks before, you might find that the sensation is similar to sitting around waiting for a stock to take off.

In both cases, you feel like your financial future depends on the numbers you see.

But while page views are important to monitor, they aren’t the key to building a powerful platform. “Content is king” is a saying so popular that’s been almost overused, but if content is what sits on the throne in the land of digital marketing, engagement is the ambassador that escorts guests into the territory – convincing these potential visitors to put down roots in the newfound soil of your website.

It that sounds a bit extreme, stick with me. By the end of this article, I’m confident you’ll agree that measuring engagement is the key to grow your website.

A Better Way to Measure

Pageviews, as a metric, can be misleading. Just because an individual has chosen to visit your website doesn’t mean that they’re going to follow your blog from now on. In fact, some studies suggest that approximately one out of every three visitors leave without any sign of engagement. Further, out of 100,000 pageviews tracked by this research, roughly 34,000 of them left within 15 seconds of entering the site.

Pageviews must been seen as literally just that – the number of people who have viewed your page, regardless of the amount of time they spent viewing it. Engagement from visitors is a much better way to measure the impact your blog is having.

Tools like Filament can show you things like the number of comments you’ve received, how far visitors are scrolling down your pages and their general bounce rates – all of which tell you a lot more about the true level of engagement on your website than pageviews alone.

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