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Elite Daily – Why Brands Can No Longer Create Marketing Plans Without Social Media

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November 11, 2015



Your brand is under siege.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, it might be too late.

As John Chambers gave his farewell address at Cisco Live, he warned the companies in attendance that 40 percent of them will disappear over the next 10 years.

We’re living through the single greatest transfer of information in the history of mankind.

Information has been democratized in such a way, it might take several generations to truly grasp the long-term effects it has on a global scale.

Every industry, from medicine to marketing, is in the process of being turned upside down by a new generation of consumers who possess more information about the products and services they are consuming than the employees of the organizations that are supplying them.

Fifty years ago, large companies controlled nearly every aspect of their businesses, from manufacturing to marketing and distribution.

They were able to manufacture the product, physically transport it to their stores and create the messaging around how that product should be perceived.

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