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MarketingProfs – Five Forms of Interactive Content to Boost Engagement




January 4, 2016

by Tom Whatley


Blog posts, whitepapers, e-books, and infographics… they’ve all got a place in our content marketing strategy. They’ve weathered the test of time and they’re still great for generating traffic and leads.

But could we be pushing ourselves and creating something even better?

The latest trend in the marketing world is interactive content, and it’s gaining popularity for very good reasons.

Interactive content works the way you would expect: You create a piece of content that people can interact with—either aesthetically or with a practical aim in mind—and as a result it cuts through the noise of run-of-the-mill content that gets published in droves every day.

No. 1: Interactive Infographics

It’s no news that infographics are already one of the most shareable types of content you can create.

So how can you take them one step further?

Interactive infographics are usually visually stunning, and they increase engagement beyond simply scrolling to view them.

Engagement is heightened because it encourages kinetic learning; that is, people will learn and retain information more easily through physical activity (even if that activity is only a click). It’s a powerful way of getting people involved with your content.

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