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Marketing Land – Social Media Scheduling: Why I Use Buffer And Hootsuite In Tandem





January 22, 2016



Hootsuite, Buffer or something else entirely? What tool works best for your social marketing needs? Columnist Mark Traphagen explains why you may want to use more than one to schedule posts. 

While there are many tools for pre-scheduling social media posts, ranging from free-but-simple to expensive-and-complex, two tools that have emerged as favorites for small to medium-sized businesses on a budget are Hootsuite and Buffer.

In this column, I’m going to show you why you might want to use both, or at least use more than one post-scheduling tool of any brand, for scheduling your social media posts.

Why Two Are Better Than One For Scheduling

The primary difference between Hootsuite and Buffer is the scope of each tool. Hootsuite is a full-featured social media management dashboard (that includes a post scheduler), while Buffer concentrates on just pre-scheduling content.

So if both tools can schedule social media posts in advance, why would you need both of them?

At Stone Temple Consulting (my employer), we’ve found that using both tools allows us to dual-purpose our content scheduling. To be more precise, we do two kinds of social post scheduling, and using two tools lets us segregate those use cases.

In a moment, you’ll understand why we couldn’t do what we do in one tool, at least not efficiently.

(Note: Obviously, there are other tools out there that do social post scheduling. I’m using Buffer and Hootsuite as examples here of this workflow scheme, but you should be able to adapt the principles to whatever tools you use.)

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