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FastCompany – Yes, Even CEOs Need To Use Social Media—And They Need To Do It Well




February 25, 2016

By Ryan Holmes

More than 60% of Fortune 500 CEOs have zero social media presence. That may be a problem.

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These days, it’s a rarity to find someone who’s not on Facebook—unless that someone happens to be a Fortune 500 CEO.

new analysis from shows that the heads of the planet’s most powerful companies still view social media as a distraction, if not an outright liability. A full 61% have no social media presence at all. Even those who are on Twitter, Facebook, and other networks rarely join the conversation.

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Consumer trends, meanwhile are heading in exactly the opposite direction. Globally, more than two billion people are now on social media. The average user spends nearly two hours a day on social platforms. Studies have shown that millennials watch more YouTube than TV, and three out of four consumers say social media impacts their buying decisionsThere’s little question that these trends will continue while more and newer social patterns emerge.

So for CEOs, this begs the question: Social media is where your customers are—shouldn’t you be there, too?

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