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Buffer – What Counts As a Video View on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat? The Buffer Guide to Video Metrics




February 7, 2017

By Alfred Lua


In our State of Social Media report, eighty-three percent of marketers said they’d like to create more video content in 2017.

And we can certainly see why marketers are so hot on social video. Facebook believe that most of the content we consume online in the future will be video. Twitter has recently relaunched Vine as a camera app enabling users to capture and share short-form video on the platform. And more than 10 billion videos are watched on Snapchat every day.

So it’s clear video is incredibly important to the future of social media marketing. However, when it comes to video, what does “success” really mean? And how do you know if your videos are performing well on social media?

Measuring the success of your video content can be a difficult task. Especially as almost every platform has a range of features and metrics. For example, some platforms count a video view as three seconds, others count a view as soon as you open a video. Some platforms auto-play videos, others don’t. Some channels have limits of 60 seconds for video and on others it’s unlimited.

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