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CMSWire – Your Old Blog Content Is a Goldmine





March 12, 2020

B2B brands have realized the enormous benefits of keeping a regular blogging schedule. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute found that 80% of B2B marketers are using blogging as part of their content marketing strategy, and over half agree it’s their most critical tactic. That means many brands have amassed a considerable amount of content over the years that may or may not still be valuable to their customers.

With this in mind, we’ve asked B2B blogging experts whether brands should focus on old blog posts and if they had any tips for refreshing stale content.

Should You Forget About Old Blog Posts?

“Blog content is the backbone of any brand’s digital footprint,” said Pam McBride, director of product marketing at StackAdapt. By adding new content, brands continue to build up SEO, brand awareness and their overall authority within an industry. That’s why many brands focus on consistently publishing new blog posts, but they often fail to understand the best strategy for maintaining or removing their older content. “Unless posts are grossly outdated or inaccurate,” continued McBride, “pulling down old blog content does more harm than good.”

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