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TECHMarket Communications delivers brand awareness programs (content strategy, public relation, and social media) for emerging and high growth technology companies. We specialize in driving our client’s news and commentary through multiple channels for maximum effectiveness and exposure. Through our integrated approach to communications, our clients realize expanded visibility in their markets, which in turn, assists all other marketing and sales efforts.  We take pride in cost-effectively providing industry-leading results by offering our services in easy-to-understand packages designed to grow along with your company.

Our immersive style of communications fosters the immediate, intimate relationships prized in both social and traditional media. We go to uncommon lengths to put our clients and clients’ stories in front of the right people – from reporters, bloggers and market analysts to customers, partners, prospects and the general public.

We optimize media engagements with a multi-dynamic marketing approach that includes:

  • Campaigns. We elevate news with monthly or quarterly comprehensive campaigns.
  • Thought leadership. We drive company and product brands by promoting executive viewpoints.
  • Competitive marketing. We target high profile competitors to create a 2-3 horse race.
  • Air coverage. We maintain a 6-8 week pipeline of news and events to ensure constant air coverage.
  • Monitoring. We spend as much time listening to the market as speaking to it.
  • Rapid response. We springboard off news and trends to engage in relevant market conversations.
  • Events. We leverage industry events to engage a critical mass of targeted influencers.
  • SEO. We collaborate closely with marketing to optimize content for SEO.

Clients applaud us for our highly personalized and collaborative teamwork ethic and our skill as a:

  • High performance workhorse – We deliver consistent results in volume, frequency and quality.
  • Innovator – We craft communication campaigns that directly target goals.
  • Game plan driver – We don’t sit back and wait for clients to direct.
  • Quick starter – We ramp up and move to action quickly.
  • Relationship builder – We transparently broker clients with the media.
  • Long-term partner – We have staying power and very low client/team turnover.

TECHMarket Communications is privately held, operating profitably since 1995. We are headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, at the heart of Silicon Valley.