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Why TECHMarket?

We have a long record of success and want to make you successful, too. Here’s what to consider:

  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Senior experts
  • Integrated communications
  • Jumpstart on social media
  • Competitive PR
  • Strategy to ensure constant buzz


Because we know how to get you in the game. We have a long record of success and want to make you successful, too. Not convinced just yet? Here are a few more things we think you should consider:

Determination – TECHMarket is successful for our clients because we drive the branding activity; we don’t sit passively and wait for our clients to drive us. Most PR companies don’t do this, and unless you have PR experts internally, you won’t know how to drive your branding as well as we do.

Focus – We have a deep understanding of the market dynamics for emerging and growth technology companies. We have been part of tremendous successes in the technology markets — IPOs, secondary offerings, mergers, acquisitions, funding, etc. We use that experience to your advantage.

Senior Experts – Big firms want to do business with big companies. Even when they come down-market, they will quickly migrate your account to the junior account team. TECHMarket knows that an experienced team is a key factor for successful PR as well as the relationship. Only a focused partner, like TECHMarket, can bring senior-level expertise to every stage of the PR lifecycle to help drive your image into the market for the long term.

Integrated Communications – It may surprise you to learn that most PR firms don’t offer a fully integrated communications program for media outreach, news releases, thought leadership, content syndication, and social media. In today’s business environment, this integration ensures consistent and reliable communication to all constituencies and is a key point of differentiation. However, most people overlook it, because most PR firms just do it.

Jumpstart on social media – We got an early lead on social media for our clients because we had early insight into its long-term value.  We have set up many clients’ social media programs, and we single-handedly execute those programs worldwide for the smallest start-ups to global organizations.

Competitive PR – From the get-go, we size up your competitive landscape and start positioning you to “get in the game” and then “lead the game.”  We continue to monitor and work to optimize your market position.

Strategy that ensures constant buzz – No strategy fits every company. Instead, we continually cross-pollinate our successful strategies across TECHMarket clients and adhere to an overarching principle.  We believe in running parallel tracks:  one dependent on all your anticipated news and activity, and one with no dependencies whatsoever.  Why?  Because we want to be in a position to keep your brand omnipresent in the media regardless of product delays, customer contracts that don’t sign, and natural disasters.