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Why Slack may live to regret its smarmy letter to Microsoft




November 4, 2016

By Casey Newton


Slack has always been easy to like. The fast-growing team communication startup had a classic underdog story, with its founders falling ass-backwards into enterprise software following a failed effort to build a video game. It’s led by Stewart Butterfield, one of the kindest and most self-aware founders in Silicon Valley, who had previously given the world Flickr and then gone through the wringer after its acquisition by Yahoo. And it makes a genuinely useful product — the company may not have killed email yet, but it does seem to be reducing the volume.

Today 4 million people use Slack every day, the company is on pace to generate $100 million in revenue this year, and investors have valued it at $3.8 billion. But as of this week, it also has a major competitor: Microsoft, which unveiled its Teams product Wednesday at an event in New York City. It’s like Slack, but with a few key twists: threaded conversations, deep integrations with Office, and (if you’re already an Office 365 subscriber) available at no extra charge.


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APM Digest – 3 Keys to Maximizing Oracle Application Performance

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October 23, 2013

By Sridhar Iyengar, ManageEngine

Judging by the activity at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 — and in businesses around the world — Oracle is quickly emerging as a leading provider of enterprise application infrastructure. From the Oracle E-Business Suite to the Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle relational database, the company’s software empowers companies to find new and different ways to leverage their data to gain competitive advantage.

In the IT department, meanwhile, the rise of the Oracle-powered business is putting the pressure on IT admins and managers charged with supporting an exploding number of business-critical applications. If you’re responsible for the Oracle infrastructure, you’ve got to ensure that it performs optimally and meets service level standards. When any one of the Oracle components fails or underperforms, your business is immediately and adversely affected.

So, what does it take to optimize an Oracle installation? The trick is to clearly understand the complex interrelationships among the databases and applications. That way, you can quickly reach and troubleshoot the root problem of an underperforming Oracle system. When you know exactly what’s running — and how it’s running — at the application, database and network level, you can keep Oracle humming. Here are three keys to maximizing your Oracle application performance.

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Media Post / mCommerce Daily – Getting Apps Ready for Cyber Monday

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October 15, 2013

By Srinivas Balasubramanian, founder and CEO of Photon

SrinivasWhy should that worry you? Because if you’re like most brand managers, you’re going to launch a mobile app this year, whether for a campaign, a promotion, or a major upgrade. Because you’ve realized you can’t afford to miss out on the consumer behaviors created by the mobile channel. And, because there’s a good chance that your mobile campaign efforts may be hamstrung by some Old School rules that should have gone out the window with the not-so-smart phone.

Many big brands don’t understand the most fundamental change that mobile apps have brought about. When it comes to mobile, state-of-the-art is not about reliably delivering cloud services. State-of-the-art is all about connecting with human emotions. If you don’t keep your eyes on that prize, you’ll miss both your deadlines and the benefits that a compelling mobile app can provide.

Here are seven ways that big brands can launch Cyber Monday mobile campaigns, on time, every time…

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