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Mashable – Customer service best practices: Making social media a two-way conversation




January 13, 2016

By Stephanie Walden


When it comes to your business’ customer service strategy, social media can simultaneously be your brand’s most valuable ally and its most intimidating nemesis.

On one hand, when handled skillfully and tactfully, customer service via social media can produce positive PR and create fervent brand loyalty that’s infectious. Having 24/7 access to customers and the ability to instantly communicate with them — as well as quickly resolve issues — can prove invaluable.

On the other hand, social media provides a very public forum for disgruntled customers to gripe, and if a problem is widespread, online negativity can quickly get out of hand. The fear of going viral for all the wrong reasons keeps many a community manager up at night for very real reasons.

Below are a few tried-and-true tips for mastering your brand’s customer service using social media.

1. Your customers are not your BFFs

Be pleasant, but not overly friendly with online customer interactions. If there’s one thing social-savvy commenters will call a brand out on faster than a poorly placed typo, it’s getting too chummy online in an awkward, insincere manner.

It’s generally inadvisable to speak to customers as if they’re your best friends, which means lay off the emojis (which can easily be misconstrued), too-casual language and excessive use of cheesy puns or banter. Use proper grammar and capitalization, unless it goes against your company’s cohesive brand voice (i.e. if your brand consistently uses lowercase lettering on marketing collateral and website copy).

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Bulldog Reporter – Social Media Crisis Communications: Con Ed Reveals the Top 10 Online Crisis Management Secrets that Saved Them From Superstorm Sandy


January 22, 2014

By Talia Sinkinson


When crisis strikes, your organization needs a focused, schematic and surefire solution. Your social media audience will expect an instantaneous response—and it’s never been more valuable to have a bulletproof crisis management plan with the latest tactics for handling online and offline crises. Con Edison of New York is a master of digital crisis communications, and the team’s handling of Superstorm Sandy is the truest testament to its expertise. The largest Atlantic storm on record, spanning 800 miles in diameter, Sandy pummeled Con Edison’s service area, causing over one million power outages—more than any other storm in the company’s history. A highly streamlined PR approach offered accurate and timely communication between Con Ed and its customers; the plan also resulted in blockbuster retweets by the governor’s office, the City of New York and New York Daily News. Read on to discover the top ten tools and tactics Con Ed’s PR team used to save its reputation and become the most trusted source online for all things Sandy.

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Business 2 Community – What Should Your Marketing Look Like In The New Year

business 2 community

December 17, 2013

By Lisa N. Alexander


It’s no secret, I’m a fan of Zoho and Zappos. Their approach to marketing, branding, customer service and creating company culture resonate with me. Earlier this year, one of Zoho’s competitors hosted a huge event in San Francisco and of course they weren’t invited. But potential Zoho customers would be there and we all know the name of the game is to be where your customers or potential customers congregate. What Zoho did was a brilliant piece of marketing and it’s what your marketing should look like in 2014.

Innovative and Offline.

So if Zoho couldn’t go inside and interact with customers, they found a way to connect with them outside. Here’s what they did. Zoho gave free pedicab rides to conference attendees. Seems the event was spread out and getting around was difficult for conference goers. So pedicabs decorated with the Zoho logo and a message that said, “Take a test ride. Salesforce doesn’t have to know” filled the street and conference goers were appreciative.

How smart was this? Zoho saw a problem and offered a solution. This put them directly in front of potential customers in a positive way. Who can be mad a free ride? Now marketing of this magnitude requires a decent budget even though Zoho’s Brand and Marketing Specialist, Aravind Natarajan, called the budget “minimal.” Regardless of the budget, it’s all about creating positive customer experiences and that’s what Zoho did.

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Silicon Angle – 3 Biggest Security Mistakes You’re Making – Without Even Knowing


October 21, 2013

By Erich Diener, Echopass Corp. Posted by John Casaretto

62374You know where your most valuable data is stored. Your data is locked safely in a fortress of layered defenses. You’ve protected those treasures with well-configured edge devices, a lean fully-patched DMZ, a tightly woven net of firewall ACLs and an intentional architecture that separates your servers’ functions. Your logs are continually examined and anomalous behavior is analyzed. Your privileged identities are well defined by role and rigorously managed.

Overall, you’re able to sleep well at night knowing that you have a well-oiled machine protecting your company’s — and your customers’ — most valuable data. Right?

There’s Not an App for That

Alas, enterprise-level security is not so simple. There are some incredible apps and hardware available today to support networks and protect sensitive data. But technology is not the silver bullet to solving security concerns. And simply buying more technology won’t make you any safer.

In this age of ever-increasing industry and government enforced compliance and regulations, the cost of a breach or loss of sensitive information can sound the death knell for all but the largest businesses. Ironically your best security assets are three things you’re probably overlooking.

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Genesys Blog – Customer Engagement Unbound

Our client Echopass Corp. has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Genesys.  Below, the president and CEO of Genesys shares details.


October 18, 2013

By Paul Segre, president and CEO of Genesys

Paul_Segre-150x150To compete in today’s challenging economic environment, winning Customer Experience mindshare is more important than ever.  Today’s consumers are impatient, cross-channel shifting, mobile connected, and ‘always-on.’ They have high expectations and will often select the companies they chose to do business with based on the Customer Experience they deliver.  Enterprises have reacted with new processes and tools, but have struggled to keep up with this rapidly changing environment.  Customer Experience leaders are learning that they must compete with speed and agility and increasingly look to the Cloud as an essential transformation tool.  The market now reflects this new reality. Frost & Sullivan predicts that Cloud based contact center revenues are likely to exceed on-premises solutions by 2014.

Genesys is a leader in Cloud based contact centers with over $135 million in Cloud revenue.  Today we are announcing a definitive agreement to acquire Echopass—also a leader in the Cloud contact center market and a long time Genesys partner.  See Full Article:

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