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Tech.Co – Social Media News: Facebook Gets GIFs, Twitter Goes Round





June 20, 2017

By Elliot Volkman

In the ever changing world of social media, few updates drastically change how we interact with them. This week however marks a new notch on the timeline for two massive updates for both Facebook and Twitter, both of which you have undoubtedly already seen. For starters, Facebook has made using GIFs even easier, and Twitter unveiled a new user interface on their website and mobile application.

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MarketingProfs – [Infographic] Three Places to Connect With Consumers on Mobile




May 13, 2015

By Verónica Maria Jarski

A whopping 94% of SMB owners use smartphones to conduct business. Are you doing what you can to best reach them?

The following ReachLocal infographic offers tips about how to reach mobile customers at the right time, with the right content, in the right place.

For example, “87% of smartphone owners use a search engine at least once a day,” states ReachLocal.

“Update your local listings to make sure you show up in mobile map searches,” recommends ReachLocal.

To find out more, click or tap on the infographic:



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Fast Company – What Twitter’s Expanded Images Mean For Clicks, Retweets, And Favorites

Fast Company

The changes to how Twitter displays images can make your tweets stand out. Here’s how to boost your engagement one image at a time.

By Belle Beth Cooper

I recently covered some big changes that Twitter has made, and here is another one. Twitter just added inline images to tweets so that you don’t need to click a link to see an attached image, but rather the Tweet itself expands. This only works with images uploaded directly to Twitter, which use a URL. If you Tweet a Vine video, you’ll also see this inline on or in the official Twitter apps for iPhone and Android.

On top of that, you can easily post any image you find on the web, straight as a fully expanded image to Twitter with Buffer’s browser extension.

How Twitter’s newly expanded Tweets stand out in the stream

Here’s what Tweets with images look like now on


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Marketing Profs – How to Enhance Mobile Marketing With Personalization

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 7.20.22 AM

November 6, 2013

By Kane Russell

131105-hands-with-mobile-lgEveryone today understands mobile marketing’s potential to produce business success. Mobile drives 20% of all e-commerce sales, and sales via mobile are projected to increase from $139 billion in 2012 to more than $400 billion in 2015.

One vital step toward capturing this potential is personalizing the mobile experience for customers. Mobile is personal, with every device feature, sound, and function customizable. Any marketer will acknowledge the demise of “spray and pray,” replaced by data-focused segmentation and targeting. However, though 43% of companies deliver a personalized experience on desktop computers, only 13% do on mobile.

Fortunately, there are a few easy-to-implement tactics to personalize mobile for customers. Understanding each will help businesses monetize mobile more effectively.

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Marketing Profs – What Is Primetime for Mobile Video Viewing?

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 7.20.22 AM

September 20, 2013

By Ayaz Nanji

Tablet video viewing in the United States peaks in the evening, with primetime hours (8 PM to midnight, local time) constituting 25.7% of total views, according to a recent report from TubeMogul.

The report, based on data from 2Q13 in-app pre-roll campaigns, found that iPad and Android tablets have generally similar viewing patterns for most of the day. However, iPad viewing peaks at 10 PM, slightly later than viewing on Android tablets.


About the research: The report was based on data from in-app pre-roll campaigns that ran through TubeMogul’s media buying platform in the second quarter of 2013. All time zones were localized.

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